National Scientific Temper Day on 20th August

Throughout the country, different events were organised  for NSTD:

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In an exclusive interview with Newsclick, Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti President Dr Avinash Patil speaks about how his organisation has continued the war against superstitions. The organisation was established by Dr Narendra Dabholkar, who was killed for running a campaign to end unscientific beliefs. According to Dr Patil, the killers are the ones who are not capable of countering an idea with another idea. They have only one weapon to be used against logic and science, which is violence.

All India People’s Science Network

The All India Peoples Science Network is a network of over forty Peoples Science organisations spread all over the country. The AIPSN started its activities as a network of activist organisations involved in Science Popularisation and in examining related to the interface of science with society. Since the pioneering efforts of the Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha, in 1987, supported by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), the AIPSN has emerged as a pioneer in activities related to science communication and popularisation.

Sabka Desh Hamara Desh Campaign

The All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) at its All India People’s Science Congress in Bangalore in May 2015 had decided to launch an All India campaign that addresses the twin threats posed by the neoliberal and religious sectarian assault on people’s lives in India.

The contours of the programme were discussed and finalized at a national level cadre camp in July 2016, organized in Panchmari, MP. The campaign, Sabka Desh, Hamara Desh, was launched on November 7th, 2016. A National Advisory committee consisting of eminent personalities drawn from the fields of Science and culture has been formed. The campaign is conceived as a nationwide mass contact programme with a distinct political content.

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AIPSN news updates

Read the Statement by Kerala doctors

Read Press Note by AIPSN On the arrest of Jacob Vadakkanchery

A self-styled “natural healer” Jacob Vadakkanchery was recently arrested, in Kerala, for campaigning
against the use of a medicine, doxycycline at a time when the state is recovering from devastation, caused by unprecedented rain.

Some have criticized this move, as an infringement on his right to express his opinion
about this drug.

Such criticism is uncalled for since Jacob Vadakkanchery’s pronouncements and actions
have posed a threat to the government’s and many medical practitioners, who have voluntarily come forward to mitigate the health risks that Kerala’s population faces, in the wake of the recent rain and floods.

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Walmart-Flipkar Deal: Attack on Retailers, Producers, Farmers and Labour and Digital Sovereignty

The US based Multinational Corporation (MNC) Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart undermines India’s
economic and digital sovereignty and the livelihood of millions in India. If the $ 16 billion deal goes
through, two US companies (the other being Amazon) will dominate India’s e-retail sector. They will also
own India’s key consumer and other economic data, making them our digital overlords, joining the ranks of Google and Facebook.

See article on the issue

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AIPSN Joins the Global March for Science on 14th April

The All India Peoples Science Network (AIPSN) decided to join the Global March for Science to on 14th April, 2018. The AIPSN sees a pattern in the attacks on science and reason across the world. The US President Trump’s denial of climate science, and the current Indian central government Ministers’ rejection of evolution, and other scientific advances, are prime examples.

See a Video report here.

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A Vibrant and Inspiring 16th AIPSC organised in Bhubaneshwar

The 16th AIPSC was organized from 9th February to 12th February 2018 at National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER). The Congress was hosted by Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti (BGVS), Odisha. More than 700 delegates from  42 organisations associated with the All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) from across the Country, and more than 200 participants from Odisha and 130 children, come together for the promotion of science and public participation in science and technology in country. The 16th AIPSC attempted to make a difference in content discourse, hospitality and people participation.

Click here for a brief report of the AIPSC.

Bhopal Jan Utsav: A festival of Hope and Solidarity

The city of Bhopal witnessed a unique Festival — a festival of diversity, reason and resistance—between 26th and 28th of November. Named as Bhopal Utsav, it was organised by various progressive organisations, collectives and movements between. The festival brought together activists from diverse movements, cultural activists, science activists and thousands of people from all walks of life. The festival was conceived as a response to the systematic assault on people’s lives mounted by religious  sectarian forces and neoliberal economic policies. Over 3,000 people representing movements from across the country, raised their voices in unison to celebrate popular resistance against attempts to unmake the vision of a multicultural and self–reliant nation that fired the independence movement in India. For three days the grounds of the Rabindra Bhawan reverberated with slogans, songs, and debates which spoke about the real concerns of the people. They spoke of social justice, gender equality, of the primacy of reason over obscurantism, and of freedom – freedom from hunger and poverty, freedom from repression of free speech and ideas, and freedom from caste and class oppression.

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AIPSN condemns the murder of Gauri Lankesh

The assassination of Ms. Gauri Lankesh, noted Kannada journalist, writer, activist and champion  of secularism and communal harmony has come as a rude shock. Ms. Gauri Lankesh was killed on the night of 5th September, 2017, right in front of her residence in Bangalore. She was Editor of the popular Kannada weekly, Gauri Lankesh Patrike.

This brutal murder of an outspoken journalist is a dastardly attack seeking to muzzle free speech and freedom of the press. Ms. Gauri Lankesh was a bitter critic of the Hindutva brand of politics, and an uncompromising crusader against intolerance, communalism gender and caste injustice. She had also earned the wrath of many so-called godmen and spiritual institutions for exposing sexual abuses in the name of “spiritual salvation.”

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