Press Note protesting attempt to rename RCGB in unscientific manner

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All india People’s Science Network

Central Secretariat: O/O Tamil Nadu Science Forum, 6, Kakkathoppu Street, Madurai-1 


Press note: To The editor for the publication in the esteemed media.

It is learnt that Govt of india has decided to name  the second campus in the name of the RSS founder and ideologue Golwalkar within the campus of existing Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology(RGCB) , Trivandram. It is highly condemnable changing the name of a modern research institute in the name of a person who was against the modern technology calling it as western technology. 

More over the  decentants of Golwalkar had been advocating pseudo sciences calling the birth of 100 Kauravs through  stem cell technology and the birth of Karna as in vitro fertilisation technology . Let not this centre become a pseudoscience centre of research and technology.

It is  like changing the name of ancient city names which were founded by Islamic rulers as per your wishes promoting hindutva ideology  and jingoism. These are research and development institutes and centres founded on the basis of scientific development. 

We also Urge the Central Government to respect the opinion of Kerala Government and main opposition Party and sentiment of the people of the State.

Hence we urge the Govt of india not to change the existing name of the RGCB for the second campus. If there is a need from the administration point of view, it could be that of a reputed scientist in the field of biotechnology.


General Secretary,