AIPSN statement on Vaccines and IPR waiver: India-South Africa Proposal for TRIPS Waiver – Putting People before Profit

India-South Africa Proposal for TRIPS Waiver – Putting People before Profit             As Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep its grip on the globe, countries are facing severe shortages in medical supplies and treatments, with intellectual property rights hindering the timely provisioning of affordable medical products. To address this, India and South Africa have put in a proposal at the Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), under the World Trade Organisation (WTO), demanding a temporary waiver of certain TRIPS obligations on copyrights and related rights, industrial designs, patents, and the protection of undisclosed information in relation to the prevention, containment or treatment of Covid-19.             ...CLICK link to read more....

Feedback submitted to MoHFW on draft Health Data Management Policy (HDMP) -with related aspects of the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM)

AIPSN has submitted the response to draft Health Data Management Policy (HDMP) -with related aspects of the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) for consideration of the MoHFW. 13 points have been raised in the response. AIPSN has insisted that the responses received and discussions be placed transparently in a public accessible website. Click the link to read more

Joint Statement on Technical, legal, ethical and implementation concerns regarding Aarogya Setu and other apps introduced during COVID-19 in India by JSA, IFF, FMES and AIPSN

We, the four signatory networks of organizations of public health advocates, experts in digital privacy, science and technology policy advocates and other stakeholders issue this Statement for generating public understanding and for submission to the Government of India (GoI) and concerned Union Ministries – Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT), and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH&FW) – about our deep concerns regarding the Aarogya Setu (AS) and other similar Apps related to the novel Corona virus epidemic. ..Click on the link for more details

AIPSN Statement on Covid-19 Vaccines and Treatment Drugs

AIPSN demands that the due process of scientific trials be followed strictly and transparently for all Covid19 candidate vaccines and treatment drugs, regardless of systems of medicine, and overcoming temptations to make haste prompted either by corporate greed or false national pride. Read full post for more details...

On New Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020)

  The sharply increased centralization in NEP2020 will erode federalism and the rights of States. Even though Education is in the Concurrent List, under NEP2020 the States will only be allowed to implement Centrally-imposed policies under supervision of Central agencies for examinations, admissions, standards, funding and assessment, and with centrally imposed text books. NEP2020 leaves almost no scope for State-level shaping of Education which is essential in India because of its cultural, social and linguistic diversity. This makes it even more necessary that deliberations be held in State Assemblies, positions be taken by State Governments, and public opinion be mobilized in States to put forward State-level perspectives on education and the NEP2020 proposals.

Third Update on the Coronavirus Pandemic (Update #3)

This is the third weekly update by JSA-AIPSN. It follows the Background Paper ( ) and first JSA-AIPSN Statement ( ) adopted on March 15th, 2020, the first JSA-AIPSN Update ( of March 23rd, 2020 and the second JSA-AIPSN Update ( April 2nd, 2020. This update thus covers developments of the last two weeks.  In this document we provide an update on the epidemiology of the corona virus disease (part I), comment on the new public health strategy unveiled this week by Government of India and then discuss the considerations going into the lifting of the lock-down and our position on it (part II). We then present the weekly update of our four working groups looking at: access to essential technologies (part III); health system preparedness (part IV); lockdown restrictions and concerns of rights and ethics (part V) and the crisis in livelihoods and government response to it (part VI).... Read the statement for more details.... In conclusion:  We have flagged many of these concerns to the government in our Press Release of April 7th. Now in parallel with the release of this weekly update we shall be releasing three statements which would contain the main demands and recommendations that flow out of this understanding:   Proposed Extension of Nationwide Lockdown: Concerns and Demands by JSA and AIPSN ( ) Press Statement on the communalization of the pandemic (in draft stage) Press Statement on adverse impact of stigmatization and what must be done to counter this (in draft stage)

Response to PM’s Announcement on 14 April 2020

AIPSN Response to PM’s Announcement on 14 April 2020 Click on post to read more details.. The PM’s address to the nation on 14th April 2020 came as a major disappointment and a painful blow to the basic needs, indeed perhaps even survival, of a majority of the Indian people, especially the poor and otherwise vulnerable sections of the population. on post to read more details..     At this time of crisis, we urge the Prime Minister and his Government to urgently do the following 7 things: 1.Take on the full burden of providing adequate food/dry rations, proper and hygienic shelter enabling physical distancing, and financial support in lieu of the wages they would otherwise have earned, and not leave so much of this task to voluntary efforts. 2.Ensure speedy acquisition and distribution of quality masks, coveralls, PPEs especially from domestic manufacturers, for protection of doctors, nurses, sanitation and other “Corona Warriors”; also open up minimum OPD and other health facilities to meet peoples needs   3.Ensure acquisition of sufficient RT-PCR and anti-body “rapid” test kits, again especially from domestic manufacturers and quickly scale-up testing to required levels. 4.Facilitate agricultural operations, including fisheries, poultry, dairy and NTFP sectors, and related procurement, agro-processing, transportation, and marketing, all while maintaining physical distancing norms, along with rapid scaling-up of MNREGA works with suitably amended norms so as to assist farmers, farm and non-farm workers and the rural economy. 5.Enable unorganized sector workers and self-employed workers to resume work, extend legal protection from dismissal or lay-offs, and eviction by landlords, including through unemployment allowance and financial assistance to SMEs, landlords etc. 6.Ensure free inter-state and local transport of all essential goods, currently facing poor implementation of government exemptions and disrupting supply chains including of medicines and PPEs; also facilitate provision of necessary transport facilities especially for the elderly, disabled and those with health and other special needs. 7.Launch effective publicity campaigns accompanied with prosecutions as required against all forms of stigmatization of Covid19 patients, positive cases, quarantine cases, health workers etc and against all forms of communalization of the epidemic.

Health workers’ rights in the time of COVID-19

POSITION PAPER by Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA), All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) and Public Services International India National Coordination Committee (PSI India NCC).... 19 recommendations have been put forward after a detailed analysis..This will be of long-term benefit for strengthening the public health system in India, and so we can cope better when the next health crisis hits us. Read the post for the details...

Statement on the role of the Private Health Sector during the Covid-19 pandemic

Read the statement for more details...available in English, Hindi and Tamil

Endorse Signature Campaign to inculcate scientific temper in times of pandemic

As part of the National Scientific Temper Day campaign AIPSN has started a signature campaign to inculcate scientific temper in the time of the pandemic. Visit and endorse the campaign