AIPSN Newsletter: People’s Science

We are happy to publish our newsletter after a long break. The newsletter People's Science or Jan Vigyan is to be released at the National Education Assembly in New Delhi on 30 April. We hope to have more content in the future

National Education Assembly

As part of the #SaveEducationSaveTheNation campaign AIPSN and BGVS are organising the National Education Assembly on 30th April 2023 at New Delhi. It is supported by other fraternal organisations such as JFME, AIFUCTO, STFI, SFI, AIDWA, AFRTE, RTE forum, FEDCUTA, JNU Teachers Association, DTF, All India Education Committee, AIFAWH. The national assembly will discuss an alternate education policy and the demands of the People's Science Movement under the campaign #SaveEducationSaveTheNation and intensify the actions of resistance in the coming times.

AIPSN Foundation Day

AIPSN Foundation Day on Feb 11 is being celebrated by a series of stories from AIPSN and its affiliated Popular Science Movements (PSMs) from different States. Along with the posters circulated for 'each storynar' which consists of songs from different PSMs and stories told by members from AIPSN and the PSMs. For readers is offered here a book "Science for Social Revolution" that was brought out by Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) one of the founder PSMs of the AIPSN. This book was edited by M.P. Parameswaran a vibrant visionary and one the founders of AIPSN. To see the book and the posters with the details of the storynars click on the link..

Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar Award for Science and Scientific Temper work of AIPSN

The award ceremony for Dr. Narendra Dhabolkar Award instituted by Maharashtra Foundation took place in Pune on Saturday 28th January 2023. President AIPSN Satyajit Rath and General Secretary AIPSN Asha Misha received the award on behalf of AIPSN. The EC of AIPSN was also represented by Convenor of Scientific Temper Desk Arunabha Misra  along with Vivek Monteiro, Geeta Mahashabde , others from BGVS Maharashtra and Samata Coordinator. The President AIPSN Dr. Satyajit Rath gave the acceptance speech. The article on Universalizing Scientific Temper from AIPSN was published in the Maharashtra Foundation Souvenir.  The EC of AIPSN had earlier decided to accept only the non-monetary part of the award. The memorial plaque received is shown in picture in the link.  Click the link to see the details and the pdf of the article in English and Marathi.

Press Release “AIPSN Appeal To Strengthen and Not Shutdown Vigyan Prasar”

All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) appeals to the Government of India to strengthen, rather than close, Vigyan Prasar as its functions do not overlap with any other department of the Govt of India. The country needs more science communication, not less, and on a far greater scale, in all the Indian languages. We have a constitutional obligation to nurture the scientific temper among citizens, and science communication ought to be acknowledged as core mandate of the DST and not relegated to a PR cell outsourcing activity. The country needs a cadre of science communicators, and institutions such as VP need expansion and strengthening towards achieving this. The closing of Vigyan Prasar will be an irreplaceable loss to the country. Vigyan Prasar needs to continue and be empowered even more to serve the country in terms of science communication, popularization, developing critical thinking and scientific temper as part of our Constitutional mandate.

AIPSN response to draft FHEI regulations from UGC

 AIPSN calls upon UGC to abandon this draft regulation to setup and operate campuses of foreign higher educational institutions in India and instead initiate an open discussion with the stakeholders in India to enable the higher education system in India to first function properly to achieve that Education Ambedkar wanted: “Education is what makes a person fearless, teaches him the lesson of unity, makes him aware of his rights and inspires him to struggle for his rights”. click link to read the details

Statement on GM Mustard Trials

The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) on 18th October 2022 permitted production and field testing of hybrid seeds of genetically modified (GM) Mustard named DMH II......AIPSN notes that, in contrast to earlier releases by agri-business corporations, DMH-II has been developed by a public sector laboratory in Delhi University in collaboration with the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). .....Finally, AIPSN urges that any eventual decision on commercial release must be taken after thorough rigorous assessments of results of these trials and based on a detailed planfor regulatory systems and institutional framework governing modalities of seed production and distribution, including provisions for public scrutiny of the same...CLICK LINK to read FULL statement

Comments from AIPSN regarding Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, 2021

Click on links to see the Letters have been submitted to  JtSec(JM) LokSabha Secretariat Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, MP Member Parliamentary Standing Committee & Forests Mr. Jairam Ramesh, MP Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee For Environment & Forests With copies to Chairman, Biodiversity Authority, Chennai  Director, ICAR, NBPGR, New Delhi  Chairman PPVRF, Pusa campus, New Delhi. Dr. T.R. Sharma, Dy DG (crops) ICAR, New Delhi.

75 Years of Independence: Self Reliance, Idea of India and Road to the Future

.....In this the 75th year of Independence, the Peoples Science Movement looks at how our independent nation started, what was achieved, what went wrong and what prospects and challenges lie ahead in the future.... To achieve its due, India needs to re-generate, re-imagine and take forward the values and aspirations of its freedom movement in the contemporary context and learning from all the missteps, failures and missed opportunities over the years...The Peoples Science Movement will take this message to the people during the year through grassroots dialogues and other mass contact programmes. ..Click LINK to read the full text.. 

Regressive and Unconstitutional NCERT’s Textbook changes

All India Peoples’ Science Network (AIPSN) is concerned that the National Education Policy 2020 implementation in respect of the content of school education at the NCERT having wider academic, educational, political and social implications is already underway. Changes have been made without any academic considerations or academic logic.....All the changes have been done in a hasty ad hoc manner. Academics, teachers and the Peoples’ Science Movements have earlier also made their apprehensions clear about the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, to the Union Government and the State Governments who have the responsibility and decision and policy making power. link to read more