AIPSN Comments/Suggestions to Consultation Paper, 2021 on Proposed Amendments in the Forest (Conservation) Act (1980) released by MoEF&CC on 2.10.2021

AIPSN has submitted Comments/Suggestions to Consultation Paper, 2021 on Proposed Amendments in the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 released by MoEF&CC on 2nd Oct 2021.. click LINK to read more...All the comments received and the responses must be made publicly available with full transparency...AIPSN also disapproves of the fact that no actual Text of Amendments are being put forward for Consultations, instead a “Consultation Paper” has been offered. This is not satisfactory, and it is also possibly not legally correct. Actual text of Amendments may have very different language, with quite different implications, that the language used in the Consultation Paper to which responses are now sought.             Nevertheless, we are submitting our comments and suggestions based on consultations with member organizations from different states and field level engagement with local communities, with the assumption that the Text of a proper set of Amendments will subsequently be re-circulated for comments by the public.

Implement and Strengthen regulatory effectiveness to protect Indian food and agricultural systems

AIPSN has written a letter to Chairman GEAC with copies to the Minister of MoEFFC, Minister of Commerce&Industry and Secretary DBT to bring to their attention the widely circulated news in national media ...CLICK Link to read more...AIPSN demands: A thorough and independent(not only departmental as at present) investigation into the events behind these exports. Full transparency regarding the findings, as well as protocols for monitoring, testing etc governing cross-contamination, and precautions and monitoring of entry of GM foods into the domestic or export markets. The Government obtain from EU/French authorities all details regarding their findings, testing procedures and processes etc. and make it publicly available. GEAC must work with APEDA and European Authorities to obtain and make public the full details....CLICK Link to read more

WHO refusal of Emergency Use Approval for Covaxin

All India Peoples Science Network (AIPSN) urges the Government of India, its concerned ministries, departments, institutions and authorities of the need to adhere to scientific standards for conduct and analysis of clinical trial results, publication of results as peer-reviewed articles and complete transparency. Regulatory agencies should also assert their independence from both government and corporate interests, and make judgments based on scientific analysis. Vaccine producers must build transparency in this regard, while fulfilling their responsibilities and accountability. We need to ensure that urgent approval of vaccines, publication of clinical trial data and the safety and efficacy of the vaccine all receive equal and due importance. CLICK link to read more..

AIPSN Call to Reconstitute National Steering Committee for National Curriculum Framework

AIPSN calls for a re-constitution of the Steering Committee with persons having a deep understanding about learners in diverse and disparate socio-cultural contexts, disciplinary knowledge of school education and domain expertise in teacher education/adult education, as well as sound experience of the pedagogical processes required to develop a National Curriculum Framework. Moreover, if there is serious concern for the future of all our learners, the Committee will need to address the challenges of education with commitment to the Constitution and a focus on equity, quality and inclusion.

AIPSN Position Paper on Lakshadweep and Controversial Islands Development Plan

click the link to read more.... As the Union Government grows more authoritarian and asserts greater authority especially in the Union Territories, environmental regulatory systems are being either captured or strangulated, and local populations are simply ignored or crushed in the name of development... This situation calls for urgent and large coalitions across the country to resist the grandiose so-called “development” plans of the current ruling dispensation.

All India Save Education Day on 05th September Teachers Day

All India Peoples Science Network (AIPSN) has been actively engaged with a critical appraisal of the Union Government’s proposals for a new education policy since its release as a draft DNEP 2020 calling for comments from the public, then as a finalized National Education Policy (NEP) document with many changes to the earlier draft but without rationale or explanation of responses to suggestions received, and finally to the aggressive roll-out of the NEP without discussion in Parliament or the States despite Education being a Concurrent subject. AIPSN’s detailed critique of NEP, highlighting the many objectionable and undesirable aspects of NEP, have been widely discussed and disseminated. ... AIPSN pledges on this Save Education Day, to work with JFME and other stakeholders, teachers, students and parents to oppose and reverse the NEP, to defend and expand public education, and work to improve the education system so as to answer to the needs of all sections of India’s diverse society and to meet the aspirations of India’s youth for a bright the LINK to read more...

Urgently Expand Public and Private Sector Production along with related R&D to meet India’s Vaccine Requirements: AIPSN Statement endorsed by Scientists, Academics, Doctors

The AIPSN statement has been endorsed by more than 200 scientists, academics and doctors with many prominent persons amongst them. The call features 7 demands. For more read the link to the post

National Scientific Temper Day NSTD 2021

The NSTD 2021 campaign by AIPSN and fraternal organisations have demanded: 1.Astrology (i.e. predictive part of Jyotishastra) related courses should be discontinued from every public funded university. Instead of that we demand the introduction of Astronomy in Indian universities. 2.Reversal of privatization policies and restoration of scientific policy for ensuring good quality public health care as a universal right. 3.The government stops its attacks on media reporting honestly on the Covid situation. 4.Respect be shown to our constitutional article 51a(h) for actively promoting scientific temper at a mass level in order to effectively combat and defeat the Covid pandemic. 5.An atmosphere of tolerance, debate and dissent which helps science and scientific temper to flourish. 6.Culprits involved in the assassination of Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, MM Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh are punished.

Government unmasked: Abdicates vaccination responsibility

No other major country, including the most market friendly nations, has adopted a vaccination strategy of this kind, precisely for the reasons enumerated here...... The new strategy is not a win-win solution as propagated. Corporates, private health care institutions and the well-off will win, while the poor and the middle class will lose big time.  AIPSN calls for rolling back of this new strategy and for a recalibrated fully public funded and universal vaccination programme, backed by adequate government support for vaccine manufacturers including PSUs. click the link to read more....

Statement On Second Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic in India

This AIPSN Statement is based on the position paper on the Second Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic in India. India is well and truly into a brutal second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The points made are: Accept responsibility; don’t blame the people and States; Understand role of variants, expand gene sequencing; Increase testing, tracing and surveillance; Address Vaccine shortage & Equity; Scale-up Vaccine production and availability; Address Licensing/ IP issues; Oppose misguided vaccine nationalism. Click the link to read more...