AIPSN Joins the Global March for Science on 14th April 2018

The All India Peoples Science Network (AIPSN) decided to join the Global March for Science to on 14th April, 2018. The AIPSN sees a pattern in the attacks on science and reason across the world. The US President Trump’s denial of climate science, and the current Indian central government Ministers’ rejection of evolution, and other scientific advances, are prime examples. See a Video report here.

Peoples Health manifesto-2019 by Jan Swasthiya Abhiyan (People’s Health Movement India)

As the General Elections-2019 are fast approaching, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan activists are pushing the political structures to address the issues plaguing people’s health by releasing a ‘People’s Health Manifesto-2019’The manifesto demands increasing the public expenditure on health to 3.5 per cent of the GDP in the short-term and absorbing the Ayushman Bharat health insurance scheme—based on the discredited ‘insurance model’—under a strengthened, well-funded public health system and a right to health act which includes a patients charter. The People’s Health Manifesto-2019 in English and Hindi are given here

National Convention of AIPSN on Medical Education and Strengthening of Public Health Care Services

The Health Sub-Committee of AIPSN recently organised a National Convention on Medical Education and Strengthening of Public Health Care Services on 21 and 22 December in Hyderabad. The meeting was hosted by Jana Vignana Vedika- telangana, had around 100 participants from 15 states of the country. The convention was a avenue to discuss creative approaches to address the issues of medical education and public provisioning of healthcare. find below, the note, schedule, writeups and presentations. 1) Concept Note 2) Schedule of meeting 3) Writeup on technical matters 4) Presentations ( Day 1: 4 talks and Day 2: 5 talks)