Assam Science Society, Assam


Assam science Society is a voluntary organization established as “Gauhati Science Society” in the year 1953 and subsequently renamed as “Assam Science Society” in the year 1956 to encompass entire state of Assam to crater its humble service by developing scientific temperament and also to create an environment for scientific research. The Society has 100 branches all over Assam including one of its branches at Tikrikila in Garo Hills, Meghalaya. The Society enrolled about 5000 (five thousand) life members and probably one of the largest scientific society of India.

The Society is publishing many books, booklets, science magazine in Assamese language, science research journal in English (JASS) in addition to its other activities which include science popularization, holding technical seminars, symposia, workshop, popular talk, etc. The Society is publishing a Bi-Monthly Science Magazine “Bigyan Jeuti” in Assamese since 1961 and reaches 45th volume this year (2011). The Society is also publishing a Science Research journal since 1955 – “Journal of Assam science Society” renamed as JASS from the 2nd Issue of the year 2011. The Society has published so far 151 (one hundred fifty one) books, nearly all in Assamese, so that the students of vernacular schools, colleges and Assamese population, in general, get exposures to the scientific progresses of the fast developing world. The publications include  Explanatory Science Dictionary (two volumes), Glossary of Scientific Terms, Children Science Encyclopedia (five volumes), science wall calendars, Report on National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) and booklets on Science and Technology issues.

The Society has been working in the field of science education and organizes Training Camps for Science and Mathematics Teachers of Secondary schools, imparting biology and environmental science education to school teachers, conducts Science Talent Search Competition annually, organizes science exhibitions, seminar and symposia on innovative teaching of Science and Mathematics, issues related to impact of science and technology, science syllabi, quality of text books etc. The Society also organizes lectures on scientific topics as well as arranges extension lectures, Children’s Science Festival, Children’s Science Congress (NCSC), holding Annual Technical Session of the Society thereby facilitating annual meet of researchers of all over India. The Society also arranges visits to ecologically threatened areas, industrial units etc. by School Children with teachers.

Though Assam is, in general, developed a lot in scientific thoughts, research and actions, still we belief, there is large gap between the people’s scientific aptitude and many others who indulge in superstitious believes like “Witch Hundting” (Daini killing). So it is an urgent necessity to brush out the immoral / unscientific thoughts and actions, and to deliver a fair, honoured, developed society, thereby helping Assam to get a justified position in India and beyond.

With this aim in hand, the Society is working in its various capacities in promoting and advancing the cause of science both in pure and applied fields. It is promoting education and research in different branches of science and Technology. The Society since its inception is continuously disseminating scientific knowledge in Assam and Northeast in general by holding symposia, seminars and discussions. Science popularization and simulating scientific mindset among the people of Assam is one of the major thrust area the Society is working relentlessly.


Dr. B.P. Durah

P.B. No. 78, Lamb Road, Latasil

Guwahati,  Assam – 781 001.

Mobile : 9864324036