Paschimbanga Vigyan Mancha (PBVM), Bengal


Science popularization was not a totally new concept to the people of West Bengal in 1986 when Paschim Banga Vigyam Mancha (PBVM) started function. The doyens of our renaissance were involved in this social reform work even in early nineteenth century. The only difference is that PBVM initiated an organized People’s Science Movement.
More than three decade has passed since its inception and now no one will deny that PBVM is a name in this field of science popularization not in West Bengal but also in India.

PBVM is the largest people science organization in India with membership exceeding 3.42 lakhs. In the twenty two Districts of West Bengal, most of the Blocks of the State, in the research Institutes and Universities have their respective units/committees of Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha. Millions of people of West Bengal are very much familiar with the name PBVM because of its sustained various type of activities which relates with all walks of life.

PBVM has been awarded National Award for best effort in Science Popularization in India during the period 1985-89, by the Department. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India


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