Sabka Desh Hamara Desh Campaign

SDHD2 Materials

The All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN) at its All India People’s Science Congress in Bangalore in May 2015 had decided to launch an All India campaign that addresses the twin threats posed by the neoliberal and religious sectarian assault on people’s lives in India.

The contours of the programme were discussed and finalized at a national level cadre camp in July 2016, organized in Panchmari, MP. The campaign, Sabka Desh, Hamara Desh, was launched on November 7th, 2016. A National Advisory committee consisting of eminent personalities drawn from the fields of Science and culture has been formed. The campaign is conceived as a nationwide mass contact programme with a distinct political content.

Activities and Material for the campaign

Activities under the SDHD campaign include mass contact programmes, including public meetings, cultural shows, small group meetings, etc. using a variety of communication tools. A set of booklets have been published which carry the key messages of the campaign. The booklets published in Hindi and English include :

  1. Heritage of Science and Technology (S&T) Part 1
  2. Heritage of Science and Technology (S&T) Part 2
  3. Understanding Nationalism
  4. Development for the Rich
  5. Science and Reason
  6. Contemporary Challenges in S &T
  7. Health
  8. Education
  9. Food Security

In addition 100 posters (comprising 10 exhibitions) have been designed.

Regional and state level cadre camps have been organized on the key political content of the SDHD campaign in Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi, and one more is planned in October in Guwahati. State level cadre camps are now being organized, and are to cover all states by October.

Cycle Jathas have been planned in different states, as well as cultural Jathas and programmes. Material (skits, songs, etc.) are being exchanged and developed to support these cultural activities.

Culmination of Phase I and launch of Phase II

To mark the first anniversary of the launch of the campaign large public event, — Bhopal Utsav — in Bhopal, on 26-28 November, 2017

The Second Phase of the Campaign will be launched with the organization of a National Science and Technology day on 20th August.