AIPSN feedback on DNEP 2019

Feedback from AIPSN on Draft National Education Policy (DNEP) 2019

The feedback (click here) on the policy and the committee report is submitted by AIPSN to the nation based on the inputs drawn from the experts researching on education, the teachers working in the field of education and the scientists and technologists working in the AIPSN member organizations.

The feedback is given in three parts: Part 1 gives an Overview. Part 2 provides domain wise critique. Part 3 covers final remarks and demands. Those providing the inputs for this submission of AIPSN have actively worked with the member organizations of AIPSN in the field of education and research for several years. A summary (click here) of all the points made here has been provided separately. In addition points for an alternate proposal (click here) have also been put forward in another document along with this critique.

It is significant that even when the experts chose to acknowledge the observations made by the committee, they could not find much merit in the diagnosis or in the solutions offered through its proposals. They remained of the view that the committee has made not only many impractical or illogical recommendations but several proposals are dangerous and can harm the system of education. AIPSN is therefore providing also the ideas for the formulation of alternate policy proposals for an active consideration of the Union Government. AIPSN is committed to discuss the policy and the alternate proposals received for the mobilization of the public through the associations and platforms active in the field of education.