ISRC link

For the Indian Scientists Response to Coronavirus ISRC link click here

There is a lot of material that can be used by the members of the peoples science movements available at this link

The objectives of the ISRC are

  • To support evidence-based action by national, state and local governments through data analysis and modeling from a scientific perspective
  • To provide accurate science-based resources for activist groups working on the ground.
  • To mobilise the academic community, including students at all levels, to participate in science communication and local action.
  • To act as scientific interpreters for the public at large. This would include:
    • Providing collated, curated and verified information for the general public in accessible form in  Indian languages.
    • Hosting discussions among the scientific community (e.g. where epidemiologists, biologists, statisticians, health professionals and social scientists come together) to discuss the situation as it evolves
    • Providing a forum for addressing and answering queries from the public.
    • Communicating a scientific perspective to further public understanding of the current situation.

For queries contact us by email at or reach us on twitter at @IndSciCOVID